Travel Series!

Hello fellow Wanderers!


This coming Friday I will be flying to Germany to study abroad! I am so very excited for this new experience and the chance to learn about cultures residing in Germany.


The program I am going with last 5 weeks and we will be visiting 3 cities in Germany and 1 in Austria. Each place we will be staying in a hostel or hotel situation. I will be traveling with 7 other students and two teachers who are also native German speakers to boot. The program offers about 7 or so course to LSU students, however you do not have to be an LSU student to attend the program. LSU offers a program where you can become a tiger for a Summer semester to attend the program.


During each week, even each day, aside from the weekends, will be filled with excursions around the city related to the course material. So the two course I’m taking revolve around German history and German film. I am so excited about the excursions and all that we will see on this trip.


So to share all the excitement with you all, I have decided to start a Travel Series. I will be posting about each day of this journey here on this site. I will create a dedicated space for the daily blogs so you all can get update on my travels! I will be sure to include photos taken with my phone or camera where and when they are permitted. I know we will be visiting some museums and I’m not too sure how they feel about photography just yet. But I am very excited for this opportunity and can’t wait!

Until next time, my fellow Wanderers. Stay in motion!

Update August 3, 2018

  • So, the Daily Travel Series was a bit of a flop. Once I got to Germany, things were happening in my life where I wanted to disconnected for a while. My history teacher gave us work like there was no tomorrow, I ended a two year relationship, and I made some really good friends. So, I’ve decided to publish by Travel Series posts  instead. I will write about the places I visited with my new found friends, the tips I have about traveling and more! Please Stay Tuned!

One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things. – Henry Miller

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